Some recent media

Compiling some recent media reports of my research:

Flying for their lives by Ann Jones (cover article), Australian Geographic #137 (2017)

Hostile Shores by Christina Larson, Science (2016)

Flying for their lives by Ann Jones, ABC (2016)

Flying for your life: Birds without borders ABC Radio National (2016)

Flying for your life: An unlikely saviour  ABC Radio National (2016)

China’s new Great Wall is not for the birds Dispatch, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (2015)

Australia’s migratory shorebirds at risk from Asia’s urban sprawl Sydney Morning Herald (2015)

Australian migratory bird numbers in freefall due to destruction of east Asia tidal flats ABC News (2015)

Asian habitat loss spells trouble for Aussie migratory birds The Rakyat Post, (2015)

Migratory birds’ fuelling station empty (2015)

Chinese, Korean coastal development closes stopover for Australian migratory birds 9news (2015)

Australia migratory bird levels plunge from Asia development News24, (2015)

El desarrollo urbano en Asia puede llevar a la extinción de aves migratorias (2015)

Eureka 2015: Australia’s top science prizes announced Australian Geographic (2015)

Australia’s top science prizes for 2015 Business Insider (2015)