Remap passes 7000 users (153 countries)

Some recent press coverage of Remap, our Google Earth Engine remote sensing app, has pushed our number of users to over 7000 since its launch in December 2017.

Remap allows anyone to deploy a cutting-edge machine learning classifier to freely available remote sensing data, meaning that it’s incredibly easy to produce high-quality maps of land cover, ecosystems or threats such as deforestation. We developed remap to support environmental conservation activities, particularly by enabling anyone – regardless of technical skill or knowledge of remote sensing – to make maps of their local environment.

Some of the recent media coverage includes Nature, ITNews, and several radio interviews. Remap recently hit its greatest number of daily users since its launch, signalling its growing use for environmental monitoring around the world.

Access remap at If you want to read about the way we developed the app to harness Google Earth Engine’s data catalog and computing capabilities, read our recently published paper in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Remap can even be used to improve the current global layer of reef distribution: